Why (this time) Obama must lead

By Fareed Zakaria The crisis in Ukraine was produced by two sets of blunders, neither emanating from Washington. The European Union’s vacillations and — most significantly, of course — Russia’s aggression created the problem. But it will be up to President Obama to show the strength and skill to resolve it. For years, the European … Continue reading

Looking Back in Anger

Vladimir Putin may control Crimea, but his 19th century tactics do not bode well for Russia By Fareed Zakaria The crisis in Crimea reminds us there are two kinds of rulers around the world: those who think about the past and those who think about the future. If it were not abundantly clear before, it … Continue reading

America plays its role in a changing world right

By Fareed Zakaria As America navigates a changing world, the people who seem to be having the greatest difficulty with the adjustment are the country’s pundits. Over the past few weeks, a new conventional wisdom has congealed on the op-ed pages: The United States is in retreat, and this is having terrible consequences around the … Continue reading

Time to Put Trade Above Politics

Washington needs to realize that a free-trade agreement with Asia is good for us all By Fareed Zakaria We live in a world without war or even significant conflict among the major powers. We also live in an age of economic growth. All of this seems normal, but in fact, it isn’t. The current global … Continue reading

The party of gridlock

By Fareed Zakaria I have been described as a centrist. And I freely admit to believing that neither side of the political spectrum has a monopoly on wisdom or virtue. But sometimes, reality points firmly in one direction. Watching the machinations in Washington over the past two weeks, it is now impossible to talk about … Continue reading

Karzai’s Not-So-Crazy Endgame

The Afghan President’s bizarre behavior has rational roots in a bloody history By Fareed Zakaria Is Hamid Karzai crazy? on the face of it, the Afghan President has said lots of odd, inflammatory and contradictory things. Over the past year, he has criticized the U.S., wondered whether its presence in Afghanistan has done any good … Continue reading

On Iran, compromise is needed

By Fareed Zakaria After Iran and the major powers signed onto an interim deal on Tehran’s nuclear program, expectations were high. Over the past week, they have fallen sharply as Iranian officials have made tough public comments and Israel’s prime minister has reaffirmed his oppositionto almost any conceivable deal, a skepticism shared by several influential … Continue reading

The Case for Snooping

Obama’s liberal critics say his speech on the NSA didn’t go far enough. Why they’re wrong By Fareed Zakaria It’s not always true that if you’re under attack from both sides of the political spectrum, you’re probably doing the right thing. The smart or moral course is sometimes resolutely partisan. But watching President Obama take … Continue reading

Making things worse in the Middle East

By Fareed Zakaria Over the past few months, the Middle East has become an even more violent place than usual. Iraq is now once again home to one of the most bloody civil wars in the world, after Syria of course, which is the worst. Watching these horrors unfold, many in the United States are … Continue reading

The ‘defining challenge’ of helping the poor

By Fareed Zakaria Is income inequality the “defining challenge” of our time? President Obama’s Dec. 4 speech on the topic has produced a lively debate, with some supporting him and others — including The Post’s Ezra Klein — arguing that unemployment should be the main focus. In fact, Obama said, it is the combination of “a lack of upward … Continue reading


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