Inside Obama’s World

In an exclusive interview with TIME’s Fareed Zakaria, Obama opens up on Iran, Afghanistan, China and the challenges the U.S. faces in navigating a rapidly changing world. A full transcript of their conversation follows. Zakaria: So when we talked when you were campaigning for the presidency, I asked you what Administration’s foreign policy you admired, … Continue reading

The Real Threat in the Middle East

Islamic political parties don’t endanger democracy. Powerful leaders do By Fareed Zakaria As 2011 was coming to a close, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a remarkable speech to his parliament. Assessing the Arab Spring barely a year after it had begun, Netanyahu announced triumphantly that it had failed, that events had confirmed his extreme … Continue reading

A Post-American World in Progress

Why emerging powers didn’t lead in 2011 and won’t in the coming year By Fareed Zakaria The past year has been filled with tumultuous events—the Arab Spring, the euro-zone crisis. But the most striking trend of 2011, one that will persist in 2012, was one that got little notice: the emerging powers that weren’t. By … Continue reading

The People Vs. Putin

Can a small but robust civil society trump the powerful Russian state? Or will the curse of oil ensure repression? By Fareed Zakaria “We exist!” the crowd in Moscow chanted. Even protesters in Russia have a literary and philosophical flair. They also have courage. Over the past decade, political opponents of Vladimir Putin’s regime have … Continue reading

Friends Without Benefits

It’s time to say what we already know—America’s Pakistan policy isn’t working By Fareed Zakaria It is difficult to find a country on the planet that is more anti-American than Pakistan. In a Pew survey this year, only 12% of Pakistanis expressed a favorable view of the U.S. That number has probably dipped even lower … Continue reading

When Will We Learn

Education is the engine of social mobility, and it’s sputtering. Americans have two options: improve our schools or accept a lower standard of living By Fareed Zakaria For the past month, we have all marveled at the life of Steve Jobs, the adopted son of working-class parents, who dropped out of college and became one … Continue reading

How to Be a Real Superpower

China has enjoyed peace, stability and free trade. It should also help produce them. By Fareed Zakaria The Republican primary campaign has not been noteworthy for its discussion of foreign policy. But one set of statements stands out: Mitt Romney’s on China. In a series of speeches, responses and op-eds, Romney has taken a fierce … Continue reading

Complexity Equals Corruption

Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan isn’t perfect, but it’s less crazy than you might think By Fareed Zakaria Herman Cain’s campaign promise— the “9-9-9” tax-reform plan—has invited universal scorn from pundits in a way I have rarely seen. “Dial 9-9-9 for Nonsense,” sniffed the Economist. “Ill-considered, hand-waving improvisation,” said the conservative National Review. But Cain’s idea … Continue reading

The Hard Truth About Going ‘Soft’

The President got flak for pointing out we’re not on top of our game. He’s right By Fareed Zakaria Barack Obama has apparently committed blasphemy. In an interview in Florida on Sept. 29, he dared to say that America had gotten “soft.” The denunciations have come in fast and furious from the right. Mitt Romney, … Continue reading

How the Lessons of Iraq Paid Off In Libya

By Fareed Zakaria Generals fight the last war, and that’s a mistake. The international intervention in Libya has been backward-looking—but in an entirely different sense. It has been prosecuted with the memory of the Iraq war firmly in mind. Only this time the approach has been to view the last war as a negative example. … Continue reading