Economy needs both reform and investment


By Fareed Zakaria One way President Obama can begin to put the IRS scandal behind him is by proposing comprehensive tax reform. Beyond the usual Washington theatrics, the real problem is that the U.S. tax code is unbelievably complicated, clocking in around 74,000 pages, with all rulings, regulations and other material. The greater the complexity, … Continue reading

The Baby Boom and Financial Doom

TIME Dec 24 2012 top

To rightsize spending, entitlement programs must be reformed By Fareed Zakaria The American left has trained its sights on a new enemy: Pete Peterson. The banker and private-equity billionaire is, at first glance, an obvious target—rich and Republican. He stands accused of being the evil genius behind all the forces urging Washington to do something … Continue reading

The U.S. economy is recovering well


By Fareed Zakaria The International Monetary Fund’s latest World Economic Outlook makes for gloomy reading. Growth projections have been revised downward almost everywhere, especially in Europe and the big emerging markets such as China. And yet, when looking out over the next four years — the next presidential term — the IMF projects that the … Continue reading

Natural Gas, Fueling an Economic Revolution


By Fareed Zakaria No one could have predicted that oil prices would rise to todays levels. Saudi Arabias oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, says that they are irrationally high, pointing out that world demand is lower than the available supply and that Saudi oil inventories around the world are largely untapped. The “irrational” cause, of course, … Continue reading

Incarceration Nation

TIME April 2 2012

The war on drugs has succeeded only in putting millions of Americans in jail By Fareed Zakaria Televangelist Pat Robertson ­recently made a gaffe. A gaffe, as journalist Michael Kinsley defined it, occurs when a political figure accidentally tells the truth. Robertson’s truth is that America’s drug war has failed and that the country should … Continue reading

The Case for Making It in the USA

Like it or not (I don’t), we need a manufacturing policy to stay competitive  By Fareed Zakaria In a recent front-page story, the New York Times detailed how Apple’s iPhone ended up being made outside the U.S. In describing the various forces at work—cheap labor, abundant engineers, quick turnarounds—the Times wrote about the Apple executives … Continue reading

The Economic Lessons the Rest of the World Could Teach Us

By Fareed Zakaria, Passion is not enough to change the Republican Party. Despite the Tea Party’s massive burst of energy, it looks increasingly likely that the GOP will nominate Mitt Romney, the front-runner, the guy who ran once before, the former governor who waited his turn to be the standard-bearer. This is a familiar pattern … Continue reading

Obama’s Economic Speech Shifts the Focus from Deficits

By Fareed Zakaria With his speech in Kansas, President Obama has begun a national conversation about the economy and the role of government. In presenting his view, Obama shifted the economic conversation from deficits to the crucial issue of growth. After all, deficits matter because they could have a harmful effect on growth. The question … Continue reading

When Will We Learn

Education is the engine of social mobility, and it’s sputtering. Americans have two options: improve our schools or accept a lower standard of living By Fareed Zakaria For the past month, we have all marveled at the life of Steve Jobs, the adopted son of working-class parents, who dropped out of college and became one … Continue reading

Be Thankful — Sensible Solutions Do Exist For U.S. Problems

By Fareed Zakaria This might seem a tough time to celebrate Thanksgiving. The national mood is pessimistic. The economy continues to limp along. The failure of the supercommittee has come to symbolize the breakdown of not just governance but democratic politics. Yet there are reasons to be cheerful about the United States this week. The … Continue reading


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