The challenge from China


By Fareed Zakaria Secretary of State John Kerry’s first foreign trip is an impressive swing through nine countries in Europe and the Middle East. But I wonder if he should instead have visited just two countries, China and Japan. That’s where the most significant and dangerous new developments in international relations are unfolding. The world’s second- and third-largest economies … Continue reading

The China Syndrome

TIME November 26 2012 1

Why the Asian giant could be Obama’s second-term foreign policy headache By Fareed Zakaria The second terms of U.S. presidents tend to be difficult for any number of reasons, but they are often disrupted by a foreign policy crisis. It’s easy to see how that might happen over the next four years with Iran or … Continue reading

President Obama, Asia Is Calling

By Fareed Zakaria MUMBAI–After the midterm elections, Barack Obama will get a chance to follow a long line of American presidents who have had setbacks at home. He will go abroad. His long-delayed Asian trip this week – India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan – is by chance perfectly timed. Asian powers are showing a … Continue reading


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