The Indian Spring


By Fareed Zakaria NEW DELHI Americans dismayed by politics in Washington might find something familiar in what’s happening in India. Here, frustration with government has turned into rage. Last month’s gruesome gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman brought tens of thousands onto the streets. And while the protests have subsided, the anger is … Continue reading

A Post-American World in Progress

Why emerging powers didn’t lead in 2011 and won’t in the coming year By Fareed Zakaria The past year has been filled with tumultuous events—the Arab Spring, the euro-zone crisis. But the most striking trend of 2011, one that will persist in 2012, was one that got little notice: the emerging powers that weren’t. By … Continue reading

President Obama, Asia Is Calling

By Fareed Zakaria MUMBAI–After the midterm elections, Barack Obama will get a chance to follow a long line of American presidents who have had setbacks at home. He will go abroad. His long-delayed Asian trip this week – India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan – is by chance perfectly timed. Asian powers are showing a … Continue reading


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