Can we defeat the Islamic State?

By Fareed Zakaria Here we go again. The United States has declared war on another terrorist group. President Obama’s speech Wednesday night outlined a tough, measured strategy to confront the Islamic State — which is a threat to the region and beyond. But let’s make sure in the execution of this strategy that we learn … Continue reading

Obama caves to conventional wisdom on Syria

By Fareed Zakaria The Obama administration’s decision to seek $500 million to train and fund elements of the Syrian opposition has been greeted with bipartisan support in Washington. The general consensus is that, if the administration had done this three years ago, the situation in Syria would not have turned into a sectarian civil war. … Continue reading

Why (this time) Obama must lead

By Fareed Zakaria The crisis in Ukraine was produced by two sets of blunders, neither emanating from Washington. The European Union’s vacillations and — most significantly, of course — Russia’s aggression created the problem. But it will be up to President Obama to show the strength and skill to resolve it. For years, the European … Continue reading

Obama on the path to success in Syria

By Fareed Zakaria Whatever the twisted path, whether by design or accident, the Obama administration has ended up in a better place on Syria than looked possible even days ago. The president was wise to take up and begin to test the Russian offer to remove and possibly destroy Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons. In … Continue reading

Words Have Consequences

TIME Sept 16 2013 1

Striking at Assad won’t end the conflict in Syria. But it may drag the U.S. into a complex civil war  By Fareed Zakaria    From the start of the Syrian ­conflict, President Obama has wanted to take two very different approaches to it. On the one hand, he has been disciplined about the definition of American … Continue reading

Hail, President. Well Met


In small but important ways, Obama and Xi moved the needle on U.S.-China relations  By Fareed Zakaria While we were consumed by the crises of the moment—Turkey’s ­riots, NSA snooping and Washington’s “scandals”—something happened on June 7 and 8 that is potentially of more lasting importance. The Presidents of the U.S. and China held their … Continue reading

China is not the world’s other superpower


By Fareed Zakaria In February 1972, Richard Nixon went to China and restored Sino-U.S. relations that had been broken for 23 years. During that visit, Nixon held a series of critical meetings with China’s premier, Zhou Enlai, and they discussed the broad strategic framework that would guide bilateral relations. President Obama’s meetings with President Xi … Continue reading

America the Isolated?

TIME Angelina

Hardly. Contrary to conservative complaints, the U.S. is fully—and smartly—involved overseas  By Fareed Zakaria Conservatives are—of course—mad at Barack Obama, but they are also outraged at a country that isn’t outraged enough at him. This frustration is now taking over mainstream and intelligent voices within the movement. Bret Stephens, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, … Continue reading

On Foreign Policy, Why Barack Is Like Ike

TIME Jan 7 2013 top

By Fareed Zakaria One of the least controversial judgments about barack Obama’s first term is that he has been a good foreign policy President. Certainly that’s what the American public believes. It has given him high marks on overseas affairs for much of his presidency, especially after the successful operation to kill Osama bin Laden. … Continue reading

How to Rebuild Trust – And Infrastructure

TIME November 15 2012 1

By Fareed Zakaria Over the course of this campaign, commentators on both sides of the political divide seemed to agree on one point: this was a campaign about nothing. Barack Obama’s supporters wanted him to lay out a detailed and ambitious agenda for his second term. Mitt Romney’s fans wanted to hear more about the … Continue reading


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